Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

The great blizzard to 2023 had passed…and melted…so nine members showed up to have another round of fun!  

The largest model contest in the Midwest will be on 4/9/24 down near Indy.  Skill level 1.55 will be hauling JR, Tom Howard, and probably Chris Chalupa to the festivities!  Can’t wait…for a tasty, breaded pork tenderloin sandwich!

DUES ARE DUE IN DECEMBER.  The five year contract with GoDaddy has gone up but skill level 1.55 has agreed to keep the dues at $10/year.  Thank you to the seven members who have already paid!

Our annual holiday potluckwill be the third Saturday of December at the HoH.  Skill level 1.55 will bring the obligatory pizza.  I’m guessing the Pres will bring the refreshments.  You bring something tasty.

At the meeting, we will also hold our “fake” election where we will reelect JR as our President and Treasurer for the zillionth year in a row!

And I guess skill level 1.55 will be our VP again unless somebody wants it.  Please want it!

And it’s time to update our Hall of Fame plaquewith a new honoree.  Skill level 1.55 nominated our “President For Life”  to honor his exemplary service for the past 126 years!  We took a vote and I think it was a unanimous approval.  Skill level 1.55 will have the plaque updated.

Now we will move on to the S&T!  Check it out!




LAST UPDATE 11/4/2023