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Tim Ridout Challenge Saturday 6/25 at noon at the West Michigan Aviation Academy.  It will be held in the same building as the October GR contest.
Here is a map.  Ten categories including Best in Show, $5 entry fee covers meal and three models.  Kit raffle will be held…bring kits to the next TRIAD meeting.  Be there!!

Our world is being turned upside down!  HoH will be remodeling the week of 6/20 and THERE WILL BE NO WS ON SATURDAY 6/18!!  AND, the HoH will have a soft close which means you need to order ahead and pick up your order at the door that week.  Now for the bad news: currently, 80% of the shop’s sales come from RC and 20% from plastic and trains but only 25% of the space is for RC.  So…..the remodel will shift more of the available space to RC…and less to us. The current plastic kit room will be used for RC parts.
This may mean there won’t be room for our display case AND out meeting room may become cluttered with RC stuff.
Everything might work out fine….or we may be looking for a new home for TRIAD!  We will know more the week of June 20.
Spencer Kosc is home for semester break and rejoined our merry band (not so merry after the HoH news)!  We now have 25 active members.
Indy Model Contest:  Probably the best contest I have ever attended…great lighting, temperature control, friendly organizers, good food at a reasonable price, and lots of vendors.  JR and I had a great time.  I entered in two categories and my abandoned cow barn took second place in miscellaneous and JR took a second (probably open wheel competition).  I sold a ton of kits which was fun.
On the right is a photo of the happy vendor and his adorable sales assistant!

​Check out the S&T Report...what there is of it!



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