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We had a good turnout (14) for our March Work Session.  Skill level 1.55 relived his and Alan Vandam’s exploits at the Indy model contest. Tom Ralya suggested that skill level 1.55’s status be updated to 1.56 owing to his victory in Indy.  Smartass.  Then, a bigger smartass, Al George, said skill level 1.55 just hasn’t won enough model contests yet.  He thought we needed to take a wait and see attitude to see if skill level 1.55’s wins were just a flash in the pan or maybe just luck.  Then Brad Hicks, AKA smartass #3, said he suspected that skill level 1.55's victories were a Photoshopped illusion.  I now see that I will never reach my goal of skill level 3….  ;-)
Here are two photos…taken after several members had bailed.

See you fools at the April 1 Show and Tell