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​Well, that's it for this week.  How about sending me some photos!  (No selfies please!!)

Kits: Gould Company/Tichy Train Group kits 4010 & 4022
Scale: 1/87
Comments: Both kits 50 years old???  Crane has well over 200 parts and is very difficult to build…e.g., getting the cabling taught.  Boom or crane car was heavily modified to suit my interests.  Real coal used in the crane and real glass was used in the boom car.  I added a window and smokestack to the boom car.  Also added roofing material.  About 10” long.
Paints: Gunze Mr. Color lacquer, Floquil, Tamiya, Vallejo, and many more.  Decals from the spares box.  Does not represent real Monon equipment.  Used many different types of weathering powders and rusting solutions e.g. Mig and AK.
All the lumber is scale correct.
Happy with the result…don’t want to build them again!!!


This one is the arii/otaku 1/48 ki-44 "tojo". Painted with Tamiya; kit decals, Weathered with oils and pastels. Paint chipping simulated with aluminum paint on a small piece of foam. Went together quite well.

We’ll kick things off with Doug Seekman’s Monogram 1/48 B-17G painted with model master chrome silver, olive drab, and insignia yellow, Tamiya flat red, and alclad duraluminum for the wheels and struts. Decals are from kits world. Weathered with Tamiya gloss black, and panel wash. Exhaust stains replicated with thinned Tamiya smoke. Pastel also used extensively. This is the 8th time i' ve built this one since 1976. Really nice kit.
There is also a casted Cheyenne tail turret and scratchbuilt staggered waist gun positions on this.