JR Burggren impressed us once again with one of his dirt track cars.  This is the AMT ’65 Ford Fairlane modified stocker built box stock.  He did groove the tires.  He used Model Master champagne gold enamel with Testors flat clear coat and all the decals came from his spares box.
This guy is incredible! ​

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​The prolific Doug Seekman brought in 3 aircraft models.  First is the 1/72 Monogram F11C Goshawk that he built for Tom Howard.  He painted it with Tamiya, Gunze, and Mission paint.  He scratchbuilt the cockpit and the decals were from the 1967 kit.  Doug said the fit was good for such an old kit.  Oh, and he used the Eduard Space 3D printed decal for the cockpit.​

​Mark Welch brought in another one of his massive 1/16 Heng Long model 3888A of the Pzr VI B King Tiger tank (unloaded guy this time!).  Optional features: ambush camo, 360 degree turret rotation, barrel recoil, steel gears and gearbox, metal running gear, HL engine deck grilles and spare tracks, and something from Battleground and an antenna from ??  The tank is clean as it would have appeared in a parade ceremony prior be being shipped off to Poland. Awesome, Mark!​

​And now we have his Eduard BF-109G-14 painted in a winter camo scene with Gunze Mr. Color and Hataka lacquers.  Decals were from Aeromaster, Ultracast for the resin seat, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.
Great job as always Doug!​

You have to admit, there were some really cool models today!  See you in two weeks at the WS!

​Next is the Esci HS-129-3 painted with Gunze Mr. Color, Eduard PE interior and Super Fabric seatbelts, a Squadron vacuum formed canopy, decals from Superscale, and weathered with pastels.  This kit is from the late 1970’s and the aircraft was powered by French made engines…of poor quality.  Doug said there was only 30 parts and an easy built.​

And our third Mark of the day, Mark Jahsan, showed off his 1/48 Nichmo Ki-45 Toryu in 1/48th scale.  This plane was of the 27th nigh fighter squadron in the Philippines.  He said this 50 year old kit still holds up to today’s kits.  He painted the stylized 27 on the tail and used the kit decals.  Great job, Mark!

We will kick things off with the new guy, Bill Hall.  In the middle is his 1/25 Monogram 1961 Sizzler dragster from 1961 that Bill built in 1961 at age 9.  Bill says he has a thousand unbuilt kits at home and a hundred finished models!
On the left is his ’32 Revell Ford Roadster with a Chevy small block…which he finished building last month.
And on the right is his 1963 Plymouth Fury which is a WIP.  He used a rattle can to paint it.
I can’t believe he made it through the first meeting.  I think he has what it takes to be a TRIAD member!