Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

​Our hard-working Spencer Kosc showed off three great looking models.  On the left we have a 1/100 Warlord Games V1 with launch rail.  He used Tamiya paints and oil wash.  Rail weathering was done with a silver-colored pencil.  ​

​Let’s get the ball rolling with Doug Seekman who brought in a record five models…two of which he built for Stan Carrier.  This is the 1/72 AZ Model Super Mystere painted with Gunze, decals are from the kit, and it was weathered with Ammo by Mig.  He liked the resin cockpit and seat tub.  It’s a beauty.​

​Bill Hall brought in two stunning car models.  First is his beautiful Revell Ford Fusion driven Brad Keselowski in the NASCAR 2016 playoffs.  Bill built this three years ago. Awesome.

In the middle was have the Italeri Re 2002 built OOB using Tamiya paint and their tape for the seatbelt.  Great job!​

And on the right is his Eduard P400 and he added radio cables but the rest was BOO.  He used Tamiya paint and oild weathering.  Sure good to have you back...and good to see your Dad has recuperated!

​Next is his JoHan 1967 American Motors Ambassador painted factory pear green and was built stock.  He built this model 13-16 years ago.  Beautiful!​

​Mark Welch wowed us again with another 1/16 RC tank.  This was from Tongde Centurion Mk5 converted to IDF Shot of the 6 Day War.  Finished with Tamiya rattle cans…but get this…he sprayed two different colors at the SAME TIME!  He used Peddinghaus decals and the Battleground .50 cal 3D printed M2 MG…which he loves.  “Considerable modification required for conversion”.  He didn’t fire the big gun today…darn.​

And here is Doug’s Dewotine D-520 painted with Tamiya, Eduard PE seatbelts, decals from the kit, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.

​Stan Carrier proudly showed off his 1/35 Amusing Hobby Centurion Ka1 Gimel final version before it was retired in 2012  Painted with Gunze and Tamiya paints and weather with MIG products.  The only aftermarket item used were metal track links from Fruilmodel.  Stan said it was an easy built and it garnered rave reviews from the audience!​​

​Mark Jahsan presented his drop dead gorgeous 1/12 Tamiya Lotus 78 which he started in 1977.  This was the first car to utilize ground effects.  The model features operating steering and suspension.  The radiator design was inspired by the De Havilland Mosquito to increase “boost”…(like the P51?).  This kit/model has been in his parents’ attic for 20 years and another 25 years in his garage.  He had to wash it three times to remove all the decades of grime!  Absolutely beautiful!  

This is the Pavla Fiesler Fi-167 torpedo bomber bi-plane from 1995 painted with AK 3G acrylic/Gunze paint, decals from the kit & along with some dry transfers, and weathered with Ammo by Migh washes and pastels.  I'm sure Stan is VERY happy!​

​Here is Doug working on his 1/48 just purchased HKM kit.​

​That's it for now!  See you next Saturday at the Ridout Challenge!

​This is the ICM YAK-7V trainer painted with Gunze Mr. Color, a Quintas 3D printed interior, decals from Begemot(?), Quick Boost seat, weathered with Ammo by  Mig washes and pastels.  Another winner!​

​This is the Tamiya Beaufighter MKX painted with Hataka and Gunze, Eduard Space interior, Ultracast seats, and decals from ADS, and weathered with Ammo by MIG washes and pastels.  Is this puppy cool or what!​​