It was a fun meeting but somehow it felt like it bordered on anarchy…and that seems to be the way we like it!  Great to see Bob making good progress on his recovery.  It was when Bob said, “he felt like he had grown a foot,’ that we realized the old Bob was back!  Just makes you feel sorry for Linda!  ;-)
Like I said, the meeting was a bit of a mess….candy bars went missing and then they reappeared. Al George didn’t disappear and we wanted him to.  Prof. Leger was enjoying the HoH fried chicken until he realized he was eating the employees’ lunch!  ;-)  
Speaking of employees, congrats to Caleb Boon and Cole Slaw on their graduating high school.  I popped off that a high school diploma these days was just another “participation award”!  ;-)
Check out the two photos…or not.
See ya at the June S&T…except for those of you who will be in Maryland!

I always worry when JR is smiling.....

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