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Happy Holidays and see ya at the January S&T!

And now for a few parting photos as we close out another great year for TRIAD.

.Here is a photo of the HoH guard dogs.  I think they are protecting a G&L hot dog….

Somebody has changed their tune just in time for Christmas!

Here is a good shot of our President….and is that the Grinch that stole Christmas in the background?  ;-)

As mentioned on the Homepage, we are going to take a look at ordering new club hats, shirts, and sweatshirts while keeping the cost as low as possible.  The VP hopes to have some info at the January S&T. Skill level 1.55 started handing out the 2014 rosters.  Be sure and get your copy.  The Pres will start handing out membership cards at the January S&T meeting.  Again this year…no dues.  And those in attendance also agreed to continue with our holiday potluck rather than going out for dinner.
​Darrin Watts was our lone member working on a model…his ’63 Impala which he is “converting” back to factory stock.  I took a photo of Darrin but the camera obviously doesn’t like Darrin…the photo was all fuzzy.  At least he didn’t break the camera!  ;-)
Kids…don’t drink.  Don’t do drugs.  Don’t sniff modeling glue.  I think Bob might have done all three.  Yes, those are shopping baskets on his head.  Maybe he slipped on the ice and hit his head….  ;-)