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.Feller Dewitt strikes again with another amazing aircraft model…this time it is Monogram’s Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star as seen in Korea.  Seems Feller had his usual fair share of trouble but everything went back into place and the finished model is just plain cool!​

Scott Herbert has been gone a long time.  He returns deeply involved in the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 gaming world…along with his sons.  It is a table game…and too complicated for me to follow…but obviously a lot of good family fun.  Not sure, but I think all the figures belong to the Grey Knight family.  The figures are plastic and Scott added that “I am more into the modeling and painting”.  And a great job he did!

Brad knows Bradley…and this model proves it!  Brad Hicks went all out on this M2A2 IFV.  Brad started with one Tamiya kit and then added parts from THREE other kits to complete the model with an interior, gear, and figures.  Three doors/hatches open as well.  You can see that Brad is proud of this model…and he has every right to be!  Awesome, Brad!  (Be sure and check out the photo on the Homepage as well.)

OK, Bob Thompson obliviously dropped the ball (and not the poo) but Prof. Emeritus Bill Leger came through with some fine looking horse poo…that was included in this Matchbox kit.  This scene takes place right before the Battle of Little Big Horn.  Great job, Bill!

Bob Thompson.  What can you possibly say that hasn’t already been said?  How many times do I have to say he’s a great modeler?  A great figure painter.  He’s also a historian…he told us that General Custer was the first person to wear an “Arrow” shirt.  OK, I guess we have to put up with the bad to enjoy all the good! First we have his ICM German Fire Truck with all kinds of cool figures and damage…glowing embers, smoke, broken glass, and more.  Bob scratchbuilt the pump…just great!  After that, we have his 1945 era Marine Doberman dog handlers.  The dogs did a great job and so did Bob.  No dog poo…but stay tuned for Bill Leger…he doesn’t disappoint!  ;-)
With heavy snow falling and the threat of high winds, blowing snow, and frigid temperatures right around the corner, the crowd was down to a sweet sixteen.  Danny Jayne was home sick and Tim’s ride was in the shop for an engine replacement.  Gemzer wasn’t there so who’s complaining!  ;-) Be sure and check out the homepage for ordering info for TRIAD fashion wear. Let’s start with new guy Joe Anderson and his good buddy Rich Stahel.  Yeah, these guys come waltzing into our meeting and Joe shows off three absolutely beautiful German Panzer IV’s.  This guy really knows his modeling and history stuff!  And he knows his chemistry, too!  Well, I think Joe and Rich have the right “chemistry” to fit right into TRIAD.  Here is the photo of his Panzerkampwagon IV Ausf.H, a Flakpanzer IV Whirbelwind, and his Strumgechulze IV .163.  Fantastic…hope you guys can hang with us!