​Mark Jahsan went off the deep end…again.  Well, at least both of his models could fly!  The yellow guy is the flying sub from the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and he thinks it was the Monogram kit.  The plane is the famous Batplane and is the Polar Lights kit.  Nice change up, Mark…and very cool!​​

​The gang!

Here is skill level 1.55's Neon Moon bar:

Kits: Fos Scale Models Lucky 7 Tavern & Jason Jenson Trains Full Moon Tavern
Comments: Build was inspired by the song Neon Moon performed by Sammie Purcell and Foxes & Fossils (on YT).  The two kits were combined with new front and rear walls designed by me and cut on a Cricut.  Seven LED lights were utilized from Woodland Scenics Just Plug.  Base is 2” extruded foam insulation board.  Hill was made from Sculptamold.  Structure painted primarily with craft paint, but every other type of paint was also used. 

Most difficult part of the build was preventing light leaks.  Very time consuming and tedious process.  Not fun.  The Neon Moon sign was painted with glow-in-the-dark paint and lit up with UV light prior to taking the photo.

The laser cut A/C unit and dumpster were kits and very challenging.  The fuel oil tanks were 3D printed and the gas meter was cast metal.

This was the most frustrating build I have ever faced.  I’m blaming old age…

​Scott Herbert brought in some interesting family history…a die cast model of his family’s 1923 Chevrolet Model D superior utility truck.  The real truck is being restored and the engine has already been pulled for overhaul.  Not sure of the scale…1/35 or 1/24.  He modified the truck using Evergreen styrene for the bed rails and the cab doors.  He used AK 3rd Generation acrylic paint along with Vallejo Model Air.  He weathered it using the hairspray technique and AK weathering pencils.  The truck belonged to his Great Grandfather.  They want to get it running again but keep it in “as in” condition.  This is fantastic!  Good luck!!​

​This is Scott’s Klukva Resin Miniature of a video game character named Sir Daniel Jayne…I mean Fortesque!  Old habits are hard to break!  Main character from Medieval.  He painted it with Acrylics.  Great job, Scott!​

Doug Seekman stayed true to form and presented us with two gorgeous 1/48 aircraft.  First up is his Hobby Boss F-3H2 Demon painted with Gunze Mr. Color.  He used the Wolfpack ejection seat, decals from Furball, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  That is just perfect!!

​Next is his Academy Mig-21PF.  He painted this one with Ammo by Mig acrylic and Gunze Mr. Color lacquer.  The resin cockpit is from PAVA, decals from Techmod and Super Scale.  He weathered this puppy with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  Putin would be proud….  😉​

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​That’s all for now!  See ya at the Work Session!​.