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November 2013 Work Session Report

Editor's Note:  Good news...I have been able to come up with a multi-step method to copy and paste.  Getting the photos in the right spot and size will be an issue until I due a brand new report.  Hang in there!

The November Work Session was a laid back affair with only nine members in attendance.  For those who weren’t there, we still had a great time without you!  ;-)  Lots of laughs and giggles as usual.The Pres and skill level 1.55 showed off our new TRIAD banner which we will display at American Salute.  It would have looked even better if I had gone ahead an added a photo of my face!It is safe to say that we are really looking forward to American Salute.  Hope all goes well and it is a success.Big Daddy was working on a German Opel truck.  Nice little kit.  I know Jerry will do a bang up job.Here are photos from today’s meeting.  TRIAD sure has a great bunch guys.Don’t forget the election and pot luck at the S&T!  If you are as sick as I am of the VP, it is time to step up and run for office!!