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That's it for now!  See ya at the June S&T...and we have to wait three weeks!  Aaahhhh!!!!!

We’ll wrap up with two photos of the guys sitting and standing and standing and sitting.  Nobody catches the action on film…eh…in 1’s and 0’s, like I do!

Here is Prof. Leger taking a break from building the tank model.  In real life, he inspected tanks only a little bigger than this one!

Here is a shot of Robert Jackson, Tom Bauer, and new/old member, Dale Yonkers.

Here is a group shot…and note that during this meeting we had both of our canine members in attendance.  That's Bob, Al, relatively new guy Dan Tyler, and Tom.  Oh, the VP voted and made Dan a member.  Sometimes the power of office just goes to my head!

OK...here is new guy Roger Burley proudly showing off his scratchbuilt wood Chris Craft model boats.  He hopes to bring them in to the June S&T so be sure to check out his craftsmanship…and that finish!

Bob Thompson brought in his Danish helmet to show Danny Jayne…who was MIA.  Bob says this helmet is especially good in wet weather!  Thanks, Bob, and sorry we didn’t have any prune Danish….

Let’s get the big stuff out of the way first…and I do mean big.  Here’s a photo of the huge Sherman tank model that Al George and Bill Leger are working on.  Very impressive!  Bill is asking, "What do you mean that's the wrong shade of OD??"  ;-)