Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating thirty-four years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2018!

See at ya the June S&T!

This is a shot of amber that I was trying to get with Koda…and then Bob came along….  ;-)

We’ll call this a subgroup of TRIAD…the model railroad geeks…Tom Bauer, Al George, Tom Ralya…and add me in!

This photo is so messed up.  I really apologize.  I only got half of Koda in the shot…and all of Thompson!  ;-)

Remember when old man Thompson brought in his exquisitely rendered figure of the Red Baron last month?  Well, really old man Tom Bauer brought in his Airfix 1/72 DR-1 but he failed to “show & tell” it!  So here it is.  Please note…he built this model in 1965….50 years ago!  I said he was old!  Now, check out the price he paid back then…24 cents…at retail!  Thanks, Tom! 

We’ll close with these two action photos….or not.​

This photo is thought provoking.  Big Daddy Jerry B is our Treasurer.  Do we really want a guy handling our money who can move his hands this fast?

We had an even dozen attend the Work Session…plus Koda and Amber.  Feller Dewitt is our 1/48th aircraft guru…so I guess it just makes sense that he stayed with that scale for his 2-1/2 ton truck.  Is there is diorama in our future?