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See at ya the June S&T!

We’ll close with these two action photos….or not.​

This is a shot of amber that I was trying to get with Koda…and then Bob came along….  ;-)

This photo is thought provoking.  Big Daddy Jerry B is our Treasurer.  Do we really want a guy handling our money who can move his hands this fast?

We’ll call this a subgroup of TRIAD…the model railroad geeks…Tom Bauer, Al George, Tom Ralya…and add me in!

This photo is so messed up.  I really apologize.  I only got half of Koda in the shot…and all of Thompson!  ;-)

We had an even dozen attend the Work Session…plus Koda and Amber.  Feller Dewitt is our 1/48th aircraft guru…so I guess it just makes sense that he stayed with that scale for his 2-1/2 ton truck.  Is there is diorama in our future?

Remember when old man Thompson brought in his exquisitely rendered figure of the Red Baron last month?  Well, really old man Tom Bauer brought in his Airfix 1/72 DR-1 but he failed to “show & tell” it!  So here it is.  Please note…he built this model in 1965….50 years ago!  I said he was old!  Now, check out the price he paid back then…24 cents…at retail!  Thanks, Tom!