Here is the activity at the HoH booth. 

While JR, Bill, and I were at the show, the crowds were very light and not much to hold my attention.  The best part of the show was Todd from HoH flying RC quad helicopters and doing an admirable job of selling them.  Only one person looked at one model…and it wasn’t mine!  Bill and the other fellow had a good time talking.  Bob Thompson, wisely I might add, stayed at home.  But his alter ego was at the show…as you can see.

And some cute kids!

Right now, our Work Sessions look pretty good!  See ya at the S&T!

Here is Bill’s helicopter.  The crowd of one loved it!  ;-)

Here are some of the manly things on display.

I purchased raffle tickets to win this bad boy.  Winner will be announced at Bike Time.  I have a shot as long as Bauer doesn’t buy any tickets!

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