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Well, that’s it.  We showed up, we ate ice cream, we laughed, and then we went home.  A good meeting!  See ya in three weeks at the September S&T!

And here’s the final photo…and you thought they’d never end!  The lovely Camryn showed up for ice cream…and she was not disappointed!

Big Daddy turned 67 on the 14th so here’s a picture of the back of his head.  If you want to see his face, for some reason, go to the homepage!  ;-)  Yes, Bob enjoyed his chocolate malt!

Only eight members showed up…which would normally be a bad thing…but since I purchased ice cream and malts for everyone…I guess it was a good thing!  ;-)
Check out this Vietnam era PBR (Patrol Boat River) that Jerry Bridenstein just completed for a Chaplain Wes Spyke here in Muskegon.  Too bad there’s no K-Zoo contest this year…this would have done very well.  Really nice, Big Daddy!