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We are already looking forward to Bob’s triumphant return to TRIAD!  Bob has been busy these past months building models and figures.  Take care, Bob! 

A lot of the meeting was spent discussing our good buddy, Bob Thompson.  He sure has suffered…only his wife Linda has suffered more!!  ;-)  We hope all goes well.  I have ordered Bob a 1/16 figure (German WWII, of course!) to keep him busy during recovery.
Here is a photo of good guy, Alan Vandam.  Alan participated in the Bay City model contest and took top place in one category with his German Type IIB sub.  He also won a first, a second, and a third.  This guy is good!  Congrats, Alan!  Here is a photo of Alan telling us about two new model kits.  The one nearest him is the new Tamiya Kawasaki Ki 61 in 1/48 scale.  Alan reported that this is an excellent kit…even includes masks.  Can’t wait to see this one built up!

We had 11 guys show up and here are two photos of some of them.  Not all of them are what I would call photogenic….  ;-)