Here are the obligatory photos of the guys having fun…and in some of the pictures, they actually look like they are having fun!

Good meeting and good progress on the P&P.  I will ask Tim how much we need to charge per person for registration/attendance so we cover the food cost and have some left over for the church.  See ya at the May S&T!

Plans for the upcoming June 20th P&P in GR were discussed.  Chef Tim Ridout advised that chicken breasts are back by popular demand!  And restaurant co-owner Mark Jahsan has volunteered to also supply food.  Thanks, Mark!  Here is a photo of the completed awards.  Bill Leger did a great job with the artwork and printing and JR supplied the frames.  Thanks, guys!  

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Big Daddy Jerry Bridenstein was working on a RSOV with grenade launcher.  Here is the box art followed by a photo of Jerry who may or may not be classified as art…it’s an eye of the beholder thing….  ;-)