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Robert Jackson showed up and announced that he and his wife will be heading down to Kentucky to see the 1:1 reproiduction of Noah's Ark.  Have fun! (Why is it I always get the back of Feller's head?  Is that a good thing...or a bad thing????  ;-)

Stan Carrier is busy on the Tamiya's 1/35 French AMX-13 tank...came with your choice of a 75mm, 90mm, or 105mm gun.

The President, JR Burggren, showed up with his latest WIP and brings into question why do I even bother to build models?  Good grief does this guy have talent.  I think I hate this guy more than I did Dan Jayne!!  I was going to form the JR Hate Group but decided this wasn’t the right time!  ;-)
He is working on a Super Modified that ran on pavement instead of dirt.  Looks a lot like an Indy roadster.  Note that he built the hood out of that printers’ aluminum plus plastic from a bubble pack AND that white plastic nosepiece he SCRATCHBUILT!  Good heavens.  Wow.  Don’t be shy, you can hate him too!  It's OK!

Here are a few shots of boys behaving nicely.

See ya Labor Day weekend!  Enjoy the Eclipse.  And thanks, again, Linda!