See ya at the April S&T!!

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President Burggren was supposed to do a painting clinic…but he forgot.  So that has been rescheduled to our 3T’s in May.
We are all aware of the incredible brush painting JR does on his dirt car models.  Al George thought we might like to see some hand painting that Tom Bauer did back in the 1970’s(?).  Tom’s job on “Chessie System” is amazing!

RIDOUT CHALLENGE info:  This year, we are adding two additional categories…Sci-Fi and Fantasy and a Best in Show.
The ten categories are:
Automotive (all)
Armor (military ground)
Diorama and vignette
Small Scale (must fit within a 2.5” photo cube)

Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Best in Show
Entry fee is jumping to $10 (inflation!!) and will cover your meal and three model entries.
As of now, Tracy from GR will again be our chef and Mark Jahsan is also volunteering.
We need a volunteer (K-Zoo?) to provide the pop, napkins, and flatware.
Trash bags:  skill level 1.55
Awards: skill level 1.55 will provide the “artwork” to fit the picture frames provided by the President.
Registration, model entry, and ballots (paperwork): skill level 1.55.
Raffle tickets: JR
Seed money:  The Pres.
Kits for the raffle: we have ~50 kits.  Anyone wanting to donate, bring them to a meeting by the June S&T.
The contest will be held in one of the buildings at the West Michigan Aviation Academy adjacent to the Gerald R. Ford Terminal at the GR airport on Saturday, June 25.​

Any money left over will be donated to a good cause...e.g. skill level 1.55!