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Here is Doug's Italeri 1/48 tornado gr4. Painted with model master enamel. Decals are from the kit representative of an aircraft from the 80's based at RAF bruggen in Germany. Ejection seats are from xtraparts. Weathered with oils and pastels. Nice kit.

Doug said this one was a fun kit: the Tamiya 1/48 G4M "betty" painted with model master enamel, Weathered with oils, pastels, and aluminum paint for paint chipping. Decals are from the kit. Nice kit.

Doug Seekman had the Christmas spirit when he built this Dragon 1/144 f-15c which I made into a Christmas ornament. This thing had maybe 8 parts, took 10 minutes to build and paint, but took 30 minutes to decal. Painted with gunze Mr Color; kit decals which surprising went down good. I got tired of looking at the same old ornaments on the tree almost in the same place every year, so I did this. So far no one has a problem with it. Nice little kit. Maybe the strike eagle version will go on the tree next.

Here is Mark's first model, a1/48 AMT A-20 Havoc. The Russians modified gun nose G models to put a navigator/bombardier in the nose, so I did the same. Otherwise OOB, decals from spares.

​This is Mark's Twin engine 1/48 Lonestar Martin B-10. Resin kit, really had to wrestle it to the ground, but it’s a nice end result. Done as a bomber in the Thai AF, they fought a few skirmishes against the French in Indochina.

Let me help you with your New Year's Resolution:  BUILD MORE MODELS!