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Here are a few parting shots!  Do you see yourself?  That is what you look like to others.  Please try and do something about that!  ;-)

Yes, Indiana Jones did join us today.  Unfortunately, it was the “old” Indiana Jones.  We were honored to have him with us.  Not so much with the punk Gemzer!  By the way, the punk is now an adult…he is making house payments!!

Well, you’ve already seen Alan Vandam’s award winning 1/144 German Type II sub model on the home page. First up here is his Esdo 1/43 Chaparral Type 2 G 1968 Can Am race car…which was entered in the Can/Am model contest.  That is a lot of beauty in a small package.  The second photo is of Alan’s beautiful Tamiya Fw-190 F-8 in 1/48 scale.  He used EagleCals decals on this gorgeous hunk of styrene!  Beautiful work, Al!

Something is missing in this photo.  Will be good when Bob is back!

See ya in three weeks at the November S&T!

Mark “Mr. Vacuum Formed” Jahsan showed off his just completed XB-35 Flying Wing.  This puppy was powered by my favorite prop engine, the P&W R-4360.  The wingspan was similar to the B-2 bomber.  You may recall seeing this monster under construction.  How Mark builds these vacuum formed kits is beyond me.  Fantastic job, Mark!  You can see just how big this model is in the second photo.