Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating thirty-five years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2019!

Stan Carrier's diorama...best one there but didn't win.  Bummer.

Here are the TRIADS...with Alan Vandam MIA.  Good times!!

Spencer's first figure...I thought it was going to win.

Skill level 1.55 escaped with top honors for his 1/32 Corsair.  I can’t believe it!

Love that smile!

The Contest got off to a great start as the temperature was twenty degrees cooler than normal!  There was a good turnout from all three clubs…we had nine TRIADS enter the contest with three additional family members.  The food was great as usual.  It was great that Big Daddy Bridenstein was able to participate…AND WIN!!
Here is a photo of Mark Jahsan’s winning Small Category entry.  And it is tiny!  Amazing!!!  Not sure of the scale...1/350??  Note the wing braces!

On the homepage I said Seekman is a loser.  Not Doug Seekman…well…maybe….  ;-)  I’m talking about Seekman’s Appliances.  I call this “Young couple window shopping for their first refrigerator”.  This structure easily fits inside a 3-1/2” photo cube.

skill level 1.55's motorcycle...didn't stand a chance against the Pres!

Stan Carrier's beautiful Rally car!

Mark receiving his First Place beer mug!!

Tom Miller's M113.

Here are Mark Beck's entries.  I though the foreground model was the best in the category.

The following models are winners…just not at today’s Contest.

Spencer Kosc's beautiful Wildcat.  Note how the paint has been worn down to the zinc chromate...and then worn down to bare aluminum?  Great job!

Here is the boss man accepting the traveling trophy...which is headed back to Muskegon and the House of Hobbies!!

Thanks to all who participated!!  TRIAD rocks!!  See ya at the July S&T!

This is the thirteenth year for the Contest…and we think JR has won the Automotive category eight times!!!  What a talented modeler!!

I have said, repeatedly, that Jerry’s tractor is amazing…and that I just love it.  So did the judges…it won!!!  Happy days!  So happy for Jerry and boy can I pick ‘em!