Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

Here are several photos of the guys…and Ms. Judy Jayne…and the doggies…having a grand time.  Expect to see more spares box goodies at the February WS.

Stay warm and safe and we'll see you at the February WS.  The VP will head up the meeting as the Pres will be off celebrating his anniversary.  Maybe he will, but I can't imagine Carla will be!!!  ;-)

Let’s pick right up from the homepage and talk about Brad Hick’s contest entry.  He started with the 1981 Tamiya M48A3 kit and went crazy.  He hand painted it with Model Master OD, handmade the searchlight cover and mantlet cover (Taco Bell napkin!), and hand painted the iron cross.  What an awesome job of weathering.  My entry doesn’t stand a chance…unless I can stuff the ballot box!  Great work, Brad!

Scott Herbert built this amazing Academy M1A1 Abrams for his brother-in-law who used to work on the Abrams.  His brother-in-law will be pleased!  I am!  He used Vallejo Model Air to paint it in the NATO green, black and brown.  This baby was entered in the contest.  Yes, this entry is better than mine but I live close by with easy access to the ballot box.  Oh wait, Leger lives even closer!!  

Speaking of Prof Leger, Bill just completed this gorgeous M2A3 Bradley as seen in Desert Storm.  Bill didn't fill out a data sheet, so that is all I can remember but I wish him the best luck in the contest...but this baby doesn't need luck...it's a beauty!

Professional modeler Mark Jahsan showed off his latest commission work…the 1/350 Academy USS Indianapolis.  He painted it in the Measure 22 color.  Then we have the infamous Rommel’s Rod with me in the back seat.  Mark said the original molds were lost when the ship carrying them sank!  Then new molds were made.  And for the contest, we have his WZ-34 Polish armor car.  You are the man!

Bob Thompson was well behaved today…he didn’t drop anything and he didn’t break anything!  He did bring in a beautiful Tamiya “ass backwards” Archer self-propelled antitank gun.  He sprayed the OD plastic with Dullcote and weathered it with Tamiya “makeup”.  The gorgeous figures are painted, of course, with Vallejo.  Sweet!

Doug “damn he’s good” Seekman brought in an amazing model in built over his 5 day vacation.  It is the 1/48 Trumpeter Italian Sparrow Hawk.  He painted it with Tamiya, Alclad on the cowlings, and kit decals.  That is some good stuff!

Mark Beck is making great progress with his new 3D Printer.  We were all impressed with what he has accomplished…and no plastic cement required!!

A couple of years ago, Jody Dunning built this ’61 Impala with an innovative sliding trunk lid.  He painted it with “ground marking paint”…which is a first for me!  Way cool, Jody!