In order to celebrate my success at the Indy model contest, Dug threw a surprise party with chicken strips, French fries and Lemonade from the Chicken Coop.  That’s my version.  Some think it had something to do with the race car out front.  Who really knows for sure….
Here is a shot of the food…with Al George lurking nearby.

Again, welcome to TRIAD, Dave.  I know the Work Session meeting wasn’t much…most are much worse!  See you in three weeks for the May S&T!.

Here is a photo of our benefactor and all around great guy, Dug Boon.  He said, “If I had known there was a TRIAD meeting today, I would have charged for the food!”

Here is shot of member Spencer Kosc.  He will be working at the HoH or Soaring Scoops this summer.  Right now, he’s trying to figure out how to blow up the cash register!

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For those of you who were too lazy or too busy to attend the WS…or maybe getting accustomed to an artificial leg, here is what the new plastic kit area looks like. 

A photo of most of the guys.  And several of them were quite rude to skill level 1.55.  I took names.