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We’ll start this week off with Mr. Albert George…the master of rust and trees…among other things!
“Odyssey of the Mind” This is from two “Odyssey” 1/24 kits.  The boat is kit #47 and the tree is kit #34.  The kits came with no parts or instruction.  Parts can be found in most box stores, paint, electrical and wood sections.  Along with scenic stuff from HoH and your spares box.

This one is the airfix 1/48 meteor f8. Painted with Vallejo silver(more on that later). Decals are from Isradecal. Ejection seat from true details. Weathered with oils and pastels. The paint is the reason I don't like Vallejo paint. It was thinned with their thinner correctly but came out of the airbrush in droplets. After 9 attempts it finally looked okay. Before it was thinned, it had the consistency of elmers glue. Pretty crappy stuff. The reason I used it was because meteors were painted a color called high speed silver and that Vallejo crap was the closest match. Anyway... The kit was really good- went together great.

Doug Seekman’s first model is his1/48 FM PV-1 Ventura painted with model master enamel. Decals from zotz. Weathered with oils and pastels. This one gave the dremel tool a workout. About every 5 minutes that thing was running. It has a lot of parts from the spares box: top turret from a monogram B-24; drop tanks from an academy p-38, and some others I can't remember. Not a cakewalk, similar to doing a vacuform.

Everybody stay healthy!  Hopefully, I will have two models ready for next week and I'm sure you will want to be around to see that!!  ;-)