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​On the right is Mark’s Revell F4F Wildcat.  He opened the carb scoop and made two air coolers. Opened the cowl flaps.  He wired the engine, added exhaust and brake lines.  He also scratchbuilt the cockpit interior,  This puppy is sharp!

​Model railroader and scratchbuilder of wood structures and boats, Tom Ralya, brought in his first model to the S&T.  This structure is based on a historic  house in Tecumseh, MI.  Tom draws the walls, etc. on graph paper and turns them over to skill level 1.55 who converts then to precision 2D drawings and then uses his Cricut machine to cut highly accurate parts out of basswood.  The Model T fire engine and model T mail truck are from Jordan and are very tough build!s  Great job Tom and let’s see more!​

For my third real attempt at groundwork, I'm pretty happy with how the base turned out. I would like the grass to look better but until I can afford an applicator I'm pleased with how this looks. The boulder and groundwork is from insulation foam; the stream bed is from pebbles and rocks. Basework was painted with craft acrylics. The tank is a 1/76 Airfix Sherman from their D-Day Battlefront gift set, painted with Tamiya and 'burned' with Vallejo. The flames are from a batch I made for wargaming. They are cotton balls, sealed with spray paint, painted with brush, and mounted to pennies with hot glue. For wargaming they make nice looking 'killed' markers for vehicles, and in this context it was helpful because they are removable for him to more easily transit the model.​

That's it for now!  Don't forget the holiday potluck on the third Saturday of December (Work Session).

And yes, we missed Doug Seekman!

​Next is Mark Jahsan with two Navy aircraft from 1937 and 1942.  Mark built these models back thirty years ago…before I was born.  Both are 1/32.  The biplane is a Monogram F3F which he recovered from a scrap pile. He used the Williams Brothers engine (clever!).  The landing gear is from a Revell Wildcat and he scratchbuilt the cockpit details.  He used Superscale Decals.  He was already a great modeler 30 years ago!​

​Tom Miller brought in a 1/35 masterpiece…the Monogram M-34 2-1/2 ton truck as modified in Vietnam as a quad .50 gun truck.  It represents Battery E, 41st artillery battalion.   He scratchbuilt the box and a bunch of other stuff.  He used Star Decals and Ammo by Mig paint.  Hard to believe this started life as an ancient plastic toy!  Great job, Tom!​

​The following is a project I just recently completed for one of my friends at my university. It started with a Revell 1/48 Ju-87D he got at a yard sale and tried to build years ago. The build was very rough and unpainted, and he wanted me to fix it. Once I got it home I realized it would be more work than reasonable to fix and I'd have to spend money anyway because he had ruined the canopy, so I bought one of the Revell Ju-87G Tank Busters from Hobby Lobby and used parts from his build to modify it to a 87D. Decals came from the spares box to approximate an aircraft active during the invasion of Sicily (he is Italian and the original project plan was to do an Italian scheme but I wasn't able to source decals in time.) The Stuka is painted with Tamiya paints; the pilots were painted with vallejo. Many details were left off the model primarily because it has to survive a plane trip back to his home after we graduate and I decided 'less detail' was aesthetically preferable to 'broken'.

Spencer Kosc is back at school up in the northern wilderness but he sent us the following:
I grabbed a few pictures of some projects I was able to finish recently that have been given to other parties and so can't be brought into a show and tell - so I thought I'd send them instead. 
I'm still no miniature painter but I've been getting better at it. The following figures are some 3D printed resin miniatures I painted on commission for a friend who plays Dungeons and Dragons. They were all painted with Vallejo paints- the bird-man was detailed with vallejo with his main colorings a custom Tamiya mix airbrushed.

I should be able to attend in person again in January, and if all goes well I'm hoping I'll have a project I've been working on for a few years to show.
Thanks for the submission, Spencer!  Do well in school!  Your modeling is fantastic!