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The Pres finds time for a quick snooze...

Happy Holidays to all the TRIAD’s and may Santa shower you with modeling goodness…except for those of you who have been bad this year and you’ll probably get at least one ICM kit….

Quote of the meeting: “It doesn’t matter if you miss the first hour of a work session…you haven’t missed anything.” That hurts. OK, it’s true but it still hurts! ;-) Photo time!

From deep space comes Mark Beck who is seriously modifying a Battlestar Galactica into an original series Mercury Class. In the second photo, Mark is trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that he should have been elected VP. Oh sure, now he tells me!! ;-)

This is a jig JR built to ensure that all the suspension bits and pieces are in perfect alignment. Cool!

Frankly, the modeling talent of our President, JR, never ceases to amaze me. Here are a few photos of his 1971 Silver Crown dirt track racer. This guy is just incredible. He has scratchbuilt two engine compartment side panels out of metal. He welded together a custom brake to form the top chanel and he hand filed the exhaust manifold/pipe opening. Can you see how perfect his filing is? It is so smooth and even, I thought it was photo etched. Good grief. I’d like to see this guy sleep with the fishes but then I’d have to be President and nobody wants that!! I’ve asked JR to bring in his custom made brake. Can’t wait to see the finished product.