Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating thirty-nine years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2023!

Here is a photo of Stan Carrier and his current project!

Mark Beck brought in his 3D printer and put on quite a show!  The first photo shows the completed part.  Next we see Mark and the printer.  Then we see the printer in action.  Lastly, we see some of Mark’s recent projects.  It was very informative with lots of questions and interest.  Thanks, Mark!

It was so good to see Jerry today.  He brought in a model of the Trumpeter German Bruckenleger ivb…not to be confused with the Bill Leger!  This is a bridge layer.  I thought the boards were wood but Jerry is a master with plastic!  Jerry received this kit about ten years ago and just completed it.  Great job, Jerry!

Here is our Great Leader learning about 3D printing.  I’m sure he is pretending to understand any of it……  ;-)

Here is a shot of Doug Seekman.  He is so smug and cocky.  He thinks he is such a great modeler.  Well, darn it, he is!  Good guy!

See ya at the October S&T!

Here are three group photos.  Was a great Work Session today!