​Here's another for club S & T. It's the Foose 56 Ford of which I robbed parts from so I threw it together as curbside build. Dupli-color with Testors wet look clear. ​

​Remember Keith Lemke?  The guy who quit TRIAD?  Well, he has just strolled back in here thinking he owns the place and that we should publish photos of his models.  What nerve!  Eh, works for me!

Good morning stranger & hello to all club members & hobby shop friends... hope all is well in Muskegon for everyone. I keep tabs on the TRIAD club post and see lots of tanks & planes so here's a old 65 Ford 100 truck for you. It's for a friend, he has several full-sized Hot Rods and wanted a 65 truck for his display shelf. Built out of box with the exception of tires and Rouch motor. Stay warm and keep up the good work on the site.   


​Mark Jahsan’s theme for today is aircraft in Commonwealth service. Starting in the upper left, we have the Accurate Miniature 1/48 SBD Dauntless and Mark says this is an excellent kit.  This aircraft flew for the New Zealand Air Force.  Moving to the bottom, we have another Accurate Miniature kit, the TBF Avenger flying with the British Pacific Fleet. Then we have the AZ Models Vultee Vengeance dive bomber.  Unlike the Dauntless, this was a horrible kit.  As Mark so eloquently stated, “This was a big step backward”.  The plane itself was decent but not the kit.  Great job on all three, Mark!  You the man!


That's it for this month.  Hope to see you at the "Work Session"!​

​Author Stanley Carrier showed off his 1/35 Tiger Model French AMX-10 RC tank destroyer in Ukraine Service.  When France announced they were sending these to Ukraine, other nations felt compelled to follow suit.  He painted it with Tamiya paint and weathering and the markings are from Ammo by Mig.  Stan did say the kit had a lot of flash.  Say to go, Stan!​  This is really cool looking!

Doug built this model for Stan.  It is the KA/Fujimi BF-109G-6 painted with Gunze Mr Color, Ultracast seat. decals from Aeromaster, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  I’m sure Stan is very pleased!  Great job on all three, Doug!

​JR the President, brought in two versions of the 1/24 Gerry Hart Sprint Car from 1983.  The one on the left, JR scratchbuilt years ago out twigs and bits of twine and anything else he found on his shop floor.  You know it’s old when the white paint is yellow!  Good grief does this guy have talent!  The model on the right started life as Monogram Sammy Swindell kit.  He scratchbuilt the hood, nose wing, sides, side panels, belly pan, rock guard, and top wing braces.  Of course, the #$%&@ hand painted the numbers and sponsors.  The frame was painted with Testors chrome black lacquer, the body with Tamiya pure white lacquer, and the wing with Testors gloss metallic silver enamel.  The remaining markings were from his spares box.  The top wing sponsor was painted on white decal paper and then installed.  Outstanding work!!!!


Would you look at that rust!  That totally honks me off.  Good think Keith isn't here or I'd punch him in the nose!  Well, I'd at least think about it!

​It wouldn’t be a S&T without Doug Seekman (but he does have a vacation coming up!).  Here is his 1/48 Tamiya DO-335 painted with Gunze Mr. Color, Eduard super fabric seat belts, decals from the kit and Aeromaster.  He weathered this puppy with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  This aircraft was the fastest piston powered aircraft of the war…480 mph!  And this sucker is HUGE!  Doug also said this was an excellent kit.  And I have this kit on the shelf!​

​Last and least, we have skill level 1.55’s Fast Eddie’s oil change garage.  Unfortunately, Eddie wasn’t fast enough and went of business.  The kit is from Jason Jensen Trains and was a fun build.  Some extra detail was added…e.g. bullet holes and a lift in the stall on the right and a gas meter around back.  ​

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​Here we have Doug’s Airfix Mosquito FBVI in Israeli service.  He painted it with Hataka Orange Line lacquer, Ultracast seats and exhaust, the decals are from ISRADecal, and it was weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  This was the wooden aircraft that was so successful.​