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This WS was another installment of TT&T…Tips, Tools, and Techniques.
We started off with skill level 1.55 who showed off his coffee mug warmer that he uses to heat his decal water…works great…but you have to be FAST!  It also keeps his tea warm!  He also displayed several sizes of microbrushes which he uses for all sorts of things.  He buys them in bulk and will advise what the current price is.  Then he talked about sticky sticks…which pretty much suck but worked great the night before on a tiny little part.
Alan Vandam exhibited how he uses prescription bottles to store figures while the paint dries.  He drills holes in the sides so the figures can breathe…very thoughtful of him….  Then he talked about how handy Prismacolor pencils are.  And I agree…the silver is amazing!  If you can get your hands on Dymo Label tape…makes a great straight edge for re-scribing aircraft panel lines.  Thanks, Alan!
Stan Carrier demonstrated his favorite masking material, Hobbico Master Mask.  Alan commented that some manufacturers are finally making the liquid masks in different colors…so you can see them when they dry!!  
Showing off his welding talent, the President JR demonstrated a pair of homemade PE bending pliers.  Very impressive.  He’s promised to make each and every one of us a pair for our very own!!  We wish!  He also mentioned using black Magic Marker on the end of styrene rod to make it easier to mark and drill the center.  He also had a fancy scribe that works well for making rivet heads…push from the inside out.  Clever!
Thanks to everyone who brought in TT&T.
Great to see Big Daddy Jerry Bridenstein today.
Check out two more photos.
See you at the April S&T!