Skill level 1.55 just completed this little vignette: BECK ZIPPER COMPANY
Scale: 1/87 (HO)
Kit: scratchbuilt (inspired by a kit from Foscale)
Comments: Designed and then cut with a Cricut.  Tichy windows, doors, drums, and chimney.  Roof shingles from Northeastern.  Model T’s from Artitec and A’s from Atheran.  Water is Woodland Scenic’s Deep Pour Murky water, a two-part epoxy.  Figures (and doggie!) from Woodland Scenics.  Static grass and other scenery material from many different suppliers.  Mailbox from Showcase Miniatures.  Trees from Noch.
Paints: Now use cheap craft paints to paint my structures (thank you Jason Jensen!).  Used many other different brands of paint as well.
This was a ton of fun!  Several major boo-boos but I still like the result.  I was disappointed that the company is dumping their toxic waste in the pond……


That’s all there is.  See ya back here next week!

This is the 1/48 revell mil mi-24d "hind". Painted with hataka orange line lacquer. Decals from Eduard; haven't weathered it yet but will probably have some pastel on it. Built this one in four days. It was 1988 when I last built it. Surprisingly nice kit.

We start off with Doug Seekman's first model.  B-52 This is the 1/72 AMT/ERTL b-52h. Painted with gunze Mr Color(gunship grey). True details equivalent seats( f-101 voodoo modified w/ breakers for the top hatches); HSAB( Underwing bomb racks) from Buffmaster design; eagle strike decals; scratchbuilt "bumps and lumps" then casted in resin. Wing roots modified to slightly droop. It's been over 25 years since I've built this one. The kit had some moments but was fun to do. Stay tuned for the gulf war b-52g coming soon.

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