Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

​Here is a shot of six of the eight members who dared to show up.  The other two had to leave suddenly…their parole officers showed up.  And thanks for the scenery material Stan!  See ya in four weeks!​

​Let’s look a little deeper at Stan’s 3D printer tank.  This was his first project.  We were all VERY impressed.  The surface finish was superb as was the detail.  Those vertical pieces on the outside will be removed.  The printer uses a liquid UV resin instead of plastic rod…makes for a smoother finish.  The tank now needs to be processed in a device that uses UV light to further cure the resin.  Really cool process…thanks for sharing Stan!

​Remember Keith Lemke?  Ran off and got married and abandoned us??  Here are some photos of his new dog and his new El Camino.  He is going to have it repainted this winter and update the interior in the Spring.  You know me, I LOVE a good engine!!  Good to hear from you Keith!