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That's all for this week.  Our best wishes go out to Jerry, Alan, and Tom and we'll see you back here next week!

Doug Seekman's first model: This is the revell 1/48 PBY-5. Painted with a pretty good assortment of paints: Tamiya aluminum on the fuselage; model master chrome yellow on the top of the wing; model master aluminum on the propellers; alclad aluminum on the beaching gear. Aeromaster decals representing a U.S. coast guard aircraft from pre-ww2. Weathered with pastels and oil washes. Pretty nice kit.

Doug's third model: An oldie but goodie: monogram p-39 airacobra painted with model master enamels; superscale decals; weathered with oils and pastels. Really nice kit.

           (Note...these images not suitable for young children or immature adults.  Don't look, JR!!)

Mark Jahsan:  This is the old Monogram kit of the Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Fun little build of a cool concept.

Here are a few photos from the Yankee Lady.  So much fun…but sobering when you think about the 79,265 airmen who lost their lives flying the B-17.  That is a horrendous number.


Keith Lemke reports in: Facebook online entry, some of us made this up coming issue. I believe my dio will be in here.  (That's exciting, Keith!)

Doug's second beauty: This one was on the forum site back in March. The dragon 1/48 fw-190a-5 built as an fw-190a-6/r11 nightfighter. Painted with gunze Mr Color. Peddinghaus decals; scratchbuilt fug-217 radar aerials; Quickboost resin seat. Weathered with ammo mig panel washes and pastels. Nice kit.