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See ya at the April S&T!  I hope to have the TRIAD fashion wear sometime the week of 3/17 and will hand it out at the S&T.

We’ll close with two photos.  The first shows Tom Ralya and Al George in deep discussion.  I seriously doubt if either one of them knows what the heck they are talking about!  ;-)  The second shot is a group photo.  Missing from any of the photos are Timmy Ridout, Doug Schuur, and Bill Leger.  You’re welcome!  ;-)

Our buddy Koda was back to keep us company.  Sadly, Dan Jayne, in addition to Jerry, have lost dogs in the past several weeks.  That really sucks.

Skill level 1.55 is working on the MENG 1/35 Cat D9R armored dozer.  He should have it ready for the April S&T.  Mercifully, there is no photo of him….

.We all knew it would happen sooner or later…but sooner is here and now.  I thought we had lost Caleb Beck to the electronic world but fortunately he eventually came back to the real world of styrene.  That good looking young lady in the background is sister Breanna.  Good to see her again!  I showed both of them my Jurassic Park diorama and pointed out the boy who was about to become a tasty snack…and Caleb laughed when I told him the boy’s name was Caleb Beck!

Speaking of Feller, here he is butchering two poor figures.  What did they ever do to Feller to deserve this sort of treatment?!  Actually, he is working on a machine gunner and loader and has to modify them.  He is working on a diorama but he is keeping the details under wraps!

​You know it was a good Work Session…Bob Thompson stayed for the entire meeting!  Big Daddy Bridenstein kindly gave Bob the new Nautilus kit complete with octopus…but Bob may be having second thoughts about building it.  I hope he changes his mind…I think the kit would be great fun.  Here is Bob checking out the kit (he doesn't look very happy!)  and in the back we have Feller and Robert Jackson with his WIP Tamiya Spitfire.  He plans to build four of these for a diorama with the flight crews dashing to their aircraft.  Cool!