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Here is Doug’s model for this week:  The kit for the week: 1/72 monogram B-52G painted with gunze Mr Color(black) and model master(bomber tan,bomber green, dark green) alclad duraluminum for the landing gear and wheels. Decals are from the spares bag with dry transfers for the numbers. This one probably looks familiar because it is almost identical to one I built last year for a gentleman named Kurt Edlund. Obviously I did things different but was a lot of fun to do. Give me about a month and you'll see an amt h model coming soon.

​One more week of virtual S&T's and then back to the real deal!

Skill level 1.55 promised to build a vignette to showcase his 1/24 Ford Ferguson tractor and here it is!  Eh, wait.  Something is missing.  Oh yeah…the little tractor had an accident and is now resting uncomfortably in the County Landfill.  Fortunately, skill level 1.55 was able to purchase another kit from Albert George’s private collection and I will start on the replacement today.  Why couldn’t it have been one of my crappy models instead of a good one???