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Tim Ridout Reports: TRIAD was well represented by myself, Jerry, Doug Schuur, Eric Stone, Mark Beck and Caleb, Rob Sheffler and our other resident chef Mark I entered 2 models and received a first place for my 1/35 IDF Schmira in the Armored Vehicles (Wheeled) category. Jerry got an Out of the Box award for his St Chamond, Rob Sheffler took first place with his Batmobile in the Miscellaneous category. The rest will have to let you know.

It was a good turnout there were 90 entrants with 294 entries. The vendors seemed pretty happy.  Thanks, Tim!  I'm looking forward to next year's contest already!

Want to see some photos?  Check out this link:  https://picasaweb.google.com/108282433350787472041/KalamazooKontest2014?authkey=Gv1sRgCIy9mfmzmbCP5QE&feat=directlink#   NOTE: to copy link, highlight, right click and select copy.  Go to your web address line (usually top line) and right click and paste.  It works, I tried it!

Some great looking models and dioramas.  Glad I didn't take my dozer...it would have been smoked!  Along with my Gotha!

The new venue looks awesome...good lighting.  Thanks for the photos, Martin!  Thanks, again, Tim!