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Kit: Fos Scale Jensen Tower (kitbashed)
Scale: HO 1/87
Comments: Original kit had Hydrocal “brick” walls which ended in disaster (I hate epoxy!).  So, I designed new walls out of wood clapboard and cut them out using a Cricut.  Doors and windows from Tichey Train Group.  The bump out was part of the kit but added my windows.  Roof was a Hydrocal casting which I added “tar paper” but not before it cracked and had to be glued back together.  Chimney was from the spares box. Added real copper flashing but the oxidation did not go well. 
Paint:  Walls painted with craft paint.  Tamiya rattle can paint.  Vallejo. 
Weathering: Oil and India ink washes.  Pan Pastel with other weathering products. 
Turned out to be a struggle but fun!

Here are more photos of Doug’s Zero: This is the fujimi 1/48 A6M2 zero, painted with tru-color light stucco. Decals are from techmod. Ultracast seat and squadron vacuform canopy. Weathered with ammo by mig panel washes. An old kit but a good one.

My next "creation" won't be ready next week, so somebody else will have to step forward and keep Doug company....

This is the Tamiya 1/48 J2M Jack, painted with model master enamel. Decals are from the kit. Eduard Photo etch interior. Weathered with oils and pastels. Pretty old kit but a good one.