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​Long time no-see, Chris Chalupa made an appearance and proceeded to help his good friend Tom Howard (pictured).  They make a good team but we were a little concerned about some of Chris’ modeling techniques that he utilized on Tom’s Godzilla!​

Here we have Stan Carrier with his current modeling project, a 1/35  I (heart) Kit German Rhm. Borsig waffentrager.  The bigger news is Stan and his wife are in the process of purchasing their first home near Whitehall!  Congrats!  

​Mr. Doug Seekman purchased this kit today at the HoH.  It is the Great Wall Model FW 189A2 and as you can see…he’s very excited about it!  He’ll probably have it finished by the time he arrives home!​

Boy, we sure had a good time.  Nathaniel is seeking help with weathering.  At the S&T, let's see what he needs and maybe give him some assistance at the next WS.