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​Stan Carrier displayed his 1/35 Amusing Hobby FV215B (183).  Stan said the kit is the typical “Trumpeter” kit with moveable suspension parts and some PE.  The tank is based on the British Conqueror chassis in an attempt to get the 183 gun into service.  This tank was made popular by World of Tanks.  He painted it with Tamiya and then Ammo olive drab light base very lightly over the top.  He used Fruilmodel track links.  It’s gorgeous, Stanley!​​

​And lastly, skill level 1.55, a legend in his own mind, brought in his 1/87 wood Kaylee Jo’s BBQ shack…which has seen better days.  The structure is only 4” long.  The kit was from Fos Scale Models.  The walls were painted with craft paints.​

​Here is Doug’s 1/48 ICM Spitfire MK-IX painted with Hataka Orange Line lacquer, decals from Fun Decals, the seat from Ultracast, Quntas 3D printed interior details, weathered with Ammo by Mig and pastels.  Wow!!​

We will continue with Doug’s homepage Ju-290-A5.  He built this for Stan and took about 7 weeks.  The 1/72 kit came out about 20 years ago.  I guess it was used for recon but the bottom rear of the plane could drop down to carry cargo.  He painted this monster with Model Master and MRP/Mr. Paint.  The old Revel decals were replaced with Aeromaster ones.  He used dry transfer for letters and he weathered it with Ammo by Mig and pastels.  This is really cool!

​This twenty year old P-39D kit is from Eduard and was a nice build.  He painted with Gunze Mr. Color, decals from Kagero (never heard of them),finish accented with Doug’s “pastel Scrub” technique.  Even with all the lead Doug added, it was still a tail heavy.  A real beauty, Doug!

Next, we have Tom’s Dragon M270 MLRS in 1/35 scale.  He used AFV Club tracks to replace the terrible kit tracks.  The markings are for the 1st Cavalry Desert Storm.  He again used Tamiya paint on this model.  Tom reported the building time was “too long” and the kit sucked.  Tom still turned out a gem!

Here is a parting shot of the guys having fun...it's what we do!  See ya in two weeks!

​Mark Jahsan brought in two U.S. 1/48 fighter aircraft.  On the left we have his Otaki F4U-1A Corsair with a Missing Link conversion.  This aircraft has the markings for Ken Walsh’s Corsair at Guadalcanal.​  On the right is his 1/48 Monogram P-47D with the Koster XP-72 conversion.  One of the cool things about this aircraft is that it was up updated with the 28 cylinder R-4360 engine. Great job, Mark!

Tom Miller, Ferrysburg’s finest, showed off his Tamiya 1980’s version of the M2 Bradley.  Tom’s model depicts the original M2 and he used Tamiya paint to finish off this beauty.    He said it was an OOB build and a nice kit.  Sweet!​