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Mark Jahsan continues to shine (pun intended) at the contests!  Pulled down two FIRSTS and one SECOND at the contest!  Awesome!  Mark is the man!  PS: This ship is ALL METAL!

​Although Tom Miller didn’t win with his Sherman, I included it because it SHOULD HAVE!  Beautiful work, Tom

​President Burggren pulled down a second with his racer!  Should have won first place but this category had all the blind judges!  Congrats, JR!

It was great to see nice guy Tom Howard pull in a FIRST PLACE in the artillery category.  Sometimes nice guys do finish first!  Congrats, Tom!  (And for the second time in a row, I have a fuzzy photo of one of Tom’s models.  I think this is about the time they turned out the gym lights!  So sorry, Tom!)

While the rest of the TRIADS were busy winning awards…skill level 1.55 focused on more important things…doughnuts and making money!  This was his vendor table minus two kits which were presold to Mr. Seekman.  The table was the gathering spot for the members….laughter soon ensued!  

Amazing work, Mark!

​Here is Alan Vandam’s award winning model!  So wonderful that he could attend.​

Another first for his Catalina!!!​​

So much fun!!!  I want to thank the members who attended for making it such a fun time!