Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

​We will kick things off with two 1/72 Airfix models by Spencer Kosc.  We only get to see him for a few months during summer break.  Spencer stated that the Bf-109E3 was a terrible kit.  He custom mixed Tamiya paint according to mixture sheet I.  He painted the insignia and bands and used the stencils from the decal sheet.  He purchased the kit for a future evaluation…for his website I assume.  Next, we have the P-51D.  He used Tamiya paint and was built OOB except for tape seatbelts.  Swastika, insignia from Airfix 109 and dragon 1/48 scale fw-190.  This guy is talented and it's always great to have him with us!​

​Here is Doug’s AMT P-70 night “fighter”.  He used Tamiya paint, the cocklpit was from the Russian company Vector and was excellent.  Decals from the scrap bag and dry transfer were used.  It was weathered with pastels.  The aircraft was armed with 4 20mm cannons and radar for night fighting…it didn’t work!  He said the Vector resin was the best he has ever used.  The aircraft was used in Europe, Russia, and North Africa.  Great job as always, Doug!

​Just about the time you think you have Mark Jahsan figured out…aircraft and ships, he comes wandering in with a Funny Car!  Here is his absolutely beautiful 1/25 Jo-Han Mustang Funny Car.  He built it OOB including the very old and terrible decals.  Beautiful, Mark!​

That wraps it up for July 2023.  We will be back for the August S&T in three weeks!

​Mr, Seekman brought in two 1/48 American aircraft today.  The first is the Hasegawa F-86F Sabre which was painted with Gunze Mr. Color, seat from Quickboost, decals from the Sprue Brothers “Korean War Commemorative” decal sheet.  He authentically weathered this puppy with Ammo by Mig washes.​