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​And lastly, we have Doug's 1/48 Hasegawa F-15C painted with Gunze Mr. Color, True Details ejection seat, Aires exhausts, Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gear struts, Reskit wheels, he clay casted the landing grear doors and centerline pylon, and decals from Carcal.  Doug, you build fantastic models!!

​Next we have his Italeri/Testors He-111H6 painted with Gunze Mr. Colori, Xtradecal decals, Eduard PE seatbelts, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.​

​Hey wait a minute…this isn’t an M-4!  This is the Mirror Models 1/35 Cat D7-7M tractor.  He painted this with Ammo by Mig…I think he likes that paint!  Decals were from the kit and it took “too long” to build and was a difficult build!  Great looking models.  You build nice models when you are on  pain pills!  😉​

​Here is another M-4…this time the 1/35 Dragon kit.  He used AFV Club suspension and tracks, Value gear stowage, and 3-D printed light guards from Master 3D.  This tank served with the 22 Dragoons in France 1944.  Paint was again Ammo by Mig and he used Star Decals and this also took 4 weeks to build.


​Doug Seekman brought in two models he built for Stan Carrier and the first is the 1/72 ICM Do-215B-4 painted with Gunze Mr. Color, Xtradecal decals, seatbelts from Eduard PE, weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.​

​Mark Jahsan wowed us with his Russian Beriev Be-4 cruiser(Kaganovich 1945) launched floatplane.  The kit is a 1/48 from Mars Models which is a Russian manufacturer.  Mark says the kit was over engineered but well fitting.  Great job, Mark!​

​There is a reason I call Tom Miller Mr. M-4…and here is why!  Here is his M4A3 (75) wet.  This is the 1/35 Dragon kit He added all kinds of cool extras including 3-D printed light guards.  This particular tank saw action in France in 1944.  He painted with Ammo by Mig and the decals were from his spares box.  It took him 4 weeks to build…good therapy while recuperating from neck surgery!  Awesome, Tom!​

​Bill Hall showed off his 1/20 MPC Rupp Sno Dragster built OOB.  This machine raced out west during 1969-1970.  The only way to attach the track was with a stapler!  He said the instructions we absolutely terrible.  Looks awesome, Bill!​

​Doug’s third model is the 1/48 AFV Club F-5E which he painted with Hataka Lacquer, Furball decals, Quickboost ejection seat, and weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.​

That's it for this S&T.  Some great looking models!  Keep up the good work!​

​Let’s start with the elephant in the room….Scott Herbert’s gigantic Revell 1/72 Gato class submarine!  He modified the model to match our very own Siversides.  He used a Nautilus Models resin upgrade kit.  He painted with Tamiya spray and Citadel color spray…it was too big to airbrush!  It is 52” long which Tom says is too long!!!  The vinyl decals along the sides were cut with a Cricut.  Great job, Tom.  Amazing!​