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And here is a HKM 1/32 Dornier Do-335B-6 that Doug built for Dale Yonkers.  This was a prototype aircraft…capable of 480 mph which would have made it the fastest piston powered aircraft of WWII.  He used Model Master Paint and kit decals.  His used the HGW seatbelts and buckles.  The belts are real fabric!  I’m sure Dale is pleased…I sure am!

We’ll close with two photos of the gang...and one of Amber.  Yonkers appears to be praying for forgiveness.  Wonder what he’s done this time!  ;-)

As promised, here is the 1/72 Monogram B-52D that Doug Seekman built on commission.  This is the Vietnam era B-52.  The model was partially built and painted and Doug had to do quite a bit of salvage work before he could finish it.  Sweet!  The owner is very happy!  (Sorry for the poor image quality)

Stan Carrier has already started preparing for the 2020 Tim Ridout Challenge by building this photo cube sized vignette of a Sherman Tank.  Stan utilized the new Woodland Scenics Static King grass applicator.  He used 2mm grass and then used a nose hair trimmer to vary the length!  He used Milliput to make the sandbags and Ammo by Mig for the wet mud.  Way cool!

The Pres, his Royal Highness, He who must be obeyed, brought in another awesome racer.  He started with an AMT ’34 Ford Slammer.  It had the wrong type of tires so he changed them to racing slicks to use on pavement.  He also swapped the rear end…but we have to take his word for it because nobody is going to check out his rear end…..  The decals are from his decal spares box.  We all LOVED the color!  Great job, boss!

Bill Leger obviously used some of his recuperation time to continue work on his Venetian War Galley circa 1571.  It is all plastic!  Bill expects to be finished in about a year.  What a project!!!  Good luck, Bill!

See ya at the Work Session.  Be thinking about a model contest....