​Here is a shot of my vendor table…there were tons of vendors including Rider’s


Down front are my models of the first Toyota and first Honda.  The judges said they had to be judged separately…which worked out great for me…the Toyoda took first!  😉

​Here are my Ravenna street car and A&A Salsa’s factory.​

​Recognize the guy in the middle?​

​Here is Mark Jahsan’s York Town…​

​Here is an early shot of Competition Vehicles…can you spot JR’s masterpieces?​

Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating thirty-nine years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2023!

​Here are some of the aircraft models.​

Well, the one thing I forgot to do was take a group photo.  Now that I think about it more, probably a good thing!  See ya at the S&T!