Remember, the August S&T MEETING starts at noon on 8/4.  HOWEVER, the models must be photographed before then…so show up early enough that your models are photographed before the meeting starts.

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We never really made it to a discussion of tips and tools but we ended up having a great discussion about various modeling trouble spots…e.g. various methods for filling ejector pin marks, sinkholes, and seams and ending up with a super smooth result.  One promising method is to take sprue from the kit you are working on and adding styrene cement to make a slurry or paste to fill in the problem areas.  The advantage of this approach is that the filler and the kit plastic are the same so the plastic hardness should be the same so that they sand and polish the same.  However, JR feels that the styrene cement changes the hardness of the plastic in the slurry/paste.
Only have two photos today…that was all I could stomach!  ;-)