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Well, that report was over before it started!  Come on, email me your new model photos!  See ya next week!

We start this week with Doug Seekman....and we finish with Dough Seekman!  This is the accurate miniatures 1/48 il-2 stormovik single seater. I've had this kit since 1998 and finally built it 3 weeks ago. It is painted with a new paint I got from spruce brothers called Mr paint. This stuff is fantastic. The stuff is very similar to alclad both in smell and viscosity. A couple of passes with the airbrush;nice semi gloss finish, and it dries quickly. The only bad thing is the price is kind of high. The decals on this kit are from AML. Weathered with ammo mig washes and pastels. The kit went together extremely well.

This one has the same story as the stormovik. Accurate miniatures yak-1, bought in 1997, built two weeks ago, painted w/ Mr paint; decals by AML; weathered with ammo mig washes and pastels. Another outstanding kit.