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Well, I’ve said it before…I have more fun at the Work Sessions as I have more time to interact and have fun.  And this Work Session was especially fun…lots of laughs and great discussions.
Let’s continue with more photos of JR’s latest modeling masterpiece.  I can’t get over the precision and detail on the wing.  And no glue is showing!  Can you see the tiny fasteners used to attach the wing?  And, of course, the plastic frame is incredible.  JR may not have it ready in time for The Tim Ridout Challenge.  JR…we may want to take some photos of this before painting.  Wow…cowabunga!!  

Here are some snapshots of the guys having a good time…or at least pretending.

And then, on the opposite end of the scale, we have “The Master of Rust”, Mr. Albert George.  He has taken the 1/6 scale Hawk kit of the 1948 Ford flat head engine to new lows!!  He is nowhere finished with this model.  Look at the studs and pistons he’s added.  And look at that rust!!  This guy is good!  I love this stuff!!!

Thanks everyone for a great time!  Hopefully, I’ll have my “Slow Boat to China” ready for S&T.  See ya there!

Good guy, Dale Yonkers, brought in more modeling and reference magazines and books.  Oh, Alan…Dale thinks you may have taken a magazine that he hasn’t looked at yet…plus that German U-boat book he obviously wants back.
Speaking of Alan, here he is trying to stare down the cameraman.