Keith Lemke says he got another one done. I'm officially out of chrome bare metal foil. Parts box wheels and tires and I made the dual rear antennas. That's where they were mounted on these cars. Was excited because it had a great decal sheet with all the gauges, emblems, motor labels, etc. To bad they broke apart in water. They were useless. Two more on the bench and ready to start. 

M32 ARV Testors/Italeri kit. My kit did not have string in it, so i need to hook up the cables when i get some


The second kit is a 1083 6x6 5 ton truck with the 1087 cab scratch built cargo and a gun turret from a Humvee kit

Doug Seekman finished two this week: This is the 1/48 classic airframe Martin Baltimore. Painted with model master enamel. Kit decals; painted to represent an aircraft in coastal command. Most of these aircraft were used in north Africa very effectively. The kit was weathered with pastels.

M4A2 76w. Tamiya Turret, Academy lower hull, "Coppers Cove IV" 

Tom Miller: This is what I have been doing.
Both Trumpeter kits 1/35  
The first one is a 1087 2.5 ton truck with the 1083 cab panted with Tamaya and Model Master paint.



M4A3E8 Tamiya Kit, Building for a family member

Stan Carrier:  First of five: M4 A3 105mm. Tamiya 1/35th scale 

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M18 Hellcat "I DONT WANT A" Academy Kit. I got this kit at D-Day Conneaut last year. 

See ya next week!

This is the hasegawa 1/48 f-22 raptor. Aries resin cockpit; true details ejection seat. Painted with hataka lacquer modified with hataka silver added to each color(fs36251&fs36176). Canopy tinted with Tamiya clear yellow. A little complicated in terms of assembly but a really nice kit.

Scott Herbert:  Moebius Models 1:6 scale. Robot B9 from Lost in Space. Painted with Vallejo Metal colors aluminum and dark aluminum for the arms and legs. I got an after market upgrade for the head which is a glass dome but the rest is from the kit. I did manage to light it in his torso. The buttons glow but not real bright. Oh, also he stands just under 13".  (I asked Scott for a photo with the lights on….so cool! Thanks Scott!)