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Skill Level 1.55’s 1/48 0-8-0 Monon steam engine garnered enough votes to take first place in the miscellaneous category. (Note: photo not from the contest.)

Six members attended the model contest and dinner…which was delicious in my humble opinion.  The spaghetti and strawberry shortcake were outstanding…and the gal chef has already volunteered to cook next year when we host the event.  In attendance were JR Burggren, Jerry Bridenstein, Keith Lemke, Chuck Stewart, Darrin Watts, and Stan Carrier (and his wife, AKA “the hot girl”).  Footnote: several of the heavy hitters and good friends of mine were unable to attend: Rob Sheffer and Aland Vandam of TRIAD, and Gordy, John, and Rod from GR were missing.
Here is a shot of JR checking out the competition.

Here is a shot of the attendees sans the hot girl who went out to get a beer…or something like that!  ;-)  As always, I had a great time with the guys and gal and we won a ton of raffle kits.  Many of the ones I won I will given to our good buddy Bob Thompson.  He should be pleased with his bounty!  (Why does Jerry always give me the stink eye??!!)  ;-)

Here is Keith accepting his first place award in dioramas!  Congrats, Keith!

Here are most of the entries in diorama, miscellaneous, figures, and watercraft.  You’ll recognize that oversized and spectacular garage as our very own Keith Lemke’s…which went on to win!

TRIAD can be very proud of our participants’ accomplishments.  We brought honor to our club!  I hope more of you will attend next year and we will need volunteers to help out.  Go TRIAD!!  

OOPS:  I want to give a call out to a good friend of TRIAD, Michael Novasad, whose perfect Skyraider took first in aircraft.  That's it at 2 o'clock.  (Being the total idiot that I am, I thought it was a P-51.  Jeez.....  Somebody help me...please!!!!  Feller, somebody, anybody!!!!

Here is an early photo of the armor and aircraft models.  More arrived later.

Here are Darrin Watts and skill level 1.55’s entries in the automotive category.  Darrin just completed this model so this is the first time we’ve seen it and it is wonderful.  Great job Darrin.  We can’t wait to see it at the July S&T.  And below that is skill level 1.55's entry.  I like it…but it was bulldozed under by JR Burggren!!

Here are the two entries from the Pres…the sprint car in the back took first place in automotive.  Way to go, JR!

Here is Stan Carrier’s T-26 tank in a fantastic worn whitewash finish.  This model received many favorable comments but did not pull off the win.  And below that is Big Daddy’s awesome M-10 with extra goodies added that we didn’t see at the S&T.  It is a thing of beauty…but the judges were blind!  Great work, guys!