Home of the modeling savants....Celebrating forty years of modeling fun, education, and history in 2024!

What the?  Caleb Beck working on a car model and here we have Feller Dewitt working on a 1/48th cargo truck.  I bet when he’s finished, there will be a 1/48th airplane nearby!

A fun meeting and a great turnout!  See ya at the October S&T!

President JR Burggren is deep into another one of his famous super detailed race cars.  Here are two photos.  In the second shot, we see the brake and clutch pedals with the tiny little hydraulic fluid reservoirs.  Man, this guy does great modeling.  What detail.  As President, he does…eh…well…he does great modeling work doesn’t he!!  ;-)

And here’s a photo of the guys having a good time and looking over Dale’s kits.  

Here we have a photo of Bob Thompson wearing his new Alma Mater Kendall School or Art and Design hat.  To show school spirit, Bob wanted to wear it to their football games.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him….  ;-)

Fifteen members showed up for another round of fun and a chance to purchase kits from member Dale Yonkers.  There was some squabbling over who saw what kit first and who was going to purchase it.  Threats were made but as usual, the use of lethal force settled all disagreements.
Here are two shots of some of the kits that Dale had for sale.  Again, Dale donated all proceeds to the TRIAD treasury.  What a nice thing to do.  Why can’t the rest of you guys be this nice?  ‘-)