​Master ship builder Mark Jahsan brought in a beautiful 1/350 replica of the USS Arizona BB-39 as it appeared in the late 1930’s painted in the Standard Navy Gray.  This is the Hobby Boss kit with lots of Eduard PE.  Note the two tiny “Seagull” aircraft…somehow, Mark was able to do the wing rigging!  Good grief!!  Great job, Mark!​

​If Seekman is around, then you know there must be a couple of 1/48 aircraft nearby!  First up is Doug’s Hobby Boss F6-F-5 Hellcat painted with Mission acrylic paint, Aeromaster decals, an Ultracast seat, and he weathered this baby with Ammo by Mig washes and pastels.  It’s a beauty!​

​Next is his Trumpeter Westland Whirlwind painted with Hataka Orange lacquer, seat by Ultracast, and the decals are from DK Decals, and as usual, weathered with Ammo by Mig washes and pastes.  Doug says this plane was as fast as a Spitfire and carried 4-20mm cannon in the nose.  The engines were small and produced only 970 HP.  This was pre-Merlin….​

​Stan the man Carrier presented his M16 Quad 50 caliber GMC.  This vehicle was produced in Lansing Michigan by the White Motor Company.  This was Stan’s first model painted with Ammo paints and he loves them!  Kit decals were a mess but he made them work.  He built the model out of the box.  Great job, Stanley!​

That's it for this episode of "Fun with Modeling"!  See ya at the Work Session!

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​Last and least we have skill level 1.55 who brought in a model that he last built 65 years ago when he was ten years old.  Build quality about the same as back then….  This kit was molded in 2013 in Poland.  Probably the best part of the kit were the decals…perfect.  He used Tamiya rattle can for the truck and tarp.  He did use the driver figure for giggles...and painted him as he would have 65 years ago.  A fun build to relive my childhood​​